Inkfill White River, Mpumalanga

With affordable prices, Inkfill in White River offers re-manufactured Laser Toners and Inkjet Cartridge refills.

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About Inkfill

Inkfill in White River, Mpumalanga re-manufacturers Laser Toners & Inkjet cartridges refills with state of the art machines with Imported specialised manufactured Inks. All cartridges are done on site alleviating waiting period. We encourage people to refill as it saves money on costly new cartidges, enabling recycling so is environmentally friendly. Cartridges can be refilled many times, however we do inspect them before & after re-filling. 100% Gaurantee on all refilled cartridges.

Costs: R200.00 black & colour each and Laser Toners - R700.00 incl Vat, on average.